After starting DIALux evo you have the chance to send us feedback.

A welcome screen appears immediately which simplifies the introduction to lighting design.

The start screen is divided into three sections:

• Generate a new project
• Edit an existing project
• Other topics

Planning of outdoor spaces and buildings

To start a new lighting design project an empty plan for outdoors and buildings can be generated.

DWG/DXF Import

You will be instructed automatically to begin editing a new building; you can then begin by drawing the outer contours/walls. If the lighting design is based on a CAD drawing (DWG/DXF), in the start screen you have the option to select "DWG/DXF Import...". After importing the drawing you will be led directly to the adjustment of the DWG/DXF plan.

Empty rectangular room

You can also start working in DIALux evo with an "empty rectangular room". If you choose this path, room coordinates and a utilization profile can be defined.

Street Lighting

As well as the planning of actual indoor and outdoor spaces, it is also possible to carry out street planning. Complete
planning of street lighting can be carried out by clicking on "Street Lighting"

Simple indoor planning

The user interface is reduced to the simplest and absolutely essential elements. Only few steps are required to plan rectangular rooms. While you are working with the "Simple indoor planning", you can switch any time to the full user interface to position objects or use other tools. Afterwards you can return to the "Simple indoor planning". When creating a second room the option of switching to "Simple indoor planning" is not available.

Project history

Here you can load and edit an existing planning project from a list of the projects last used. Move the mouse cursor over the project history and rest the cursor on an item so that a small preview image is displayed. This is especially helpful to differentiate between existing projects. In the search field it is also possible to search for a project name in the history. If the desired product cannot be found in this way, the corresponding file can be localized in the network or on the PC by clicking on the button "Load project....."

From this section of the start screen you can move directly to the selection of a manufacturer. This page lists all DIALux project partners together with electronic luminaire catalogues (online/offline).These so-called luminaire plugIns are opened by a right mouse click on the manufacturer's logo and then selecting one of the context menu entries.

Support / Forum
If there are any questions or problems to do with DIALux, you can move directly from this page to our DIALux evo
and DIALux 4 forum. For current issues, ideas or problems you can work within the DIALux evo board; it is not necessary to start an Internet browser first.