DIAL is committed to open and honest communication with our customers. We would like to inform you which data is collected and how it is treated. 

After installing DIALux, you will be asked to indicate the industry in which you are active. In addition, you can activate a monthly check for new versions. The following data will be transmitted: 

  • The industry selection you have made.

  • A random ID that does not allow any conclusions about your person.

  • The installed version of our DIALux software and plug-ins.

  • A list of the hardware you use.

  • A list of the operating system components you use, i.e. which version of Windows do you use and which versions of Internet Explorer, MDAC and Jet drivers are used.

No personal data is transmitted. The generated and transmitted ID is only used to determine how many users make use of the regular update option. This ID can be used to determine whether you are a new or a known user.

Why do we need this data? 

All information will be used ONLY to help us to make DIALux better suited to your needs and technical equipment. Since we cannot talk to all of you, since you are working with DIALux all over the world, and since the number of users has grown enormously, we now automatically evaluate information.