The "copy and arrange" tool allows you to copy, group, combine and align objects and arrangements. 

Copy along a line, in a circular mode, polygonally or along a winding line

Select one or more objects and press on the desired type of multiple copy. Click on the starting and ending point of the line along which you would like to insert the objects or indicate the required polygonal points or the radius with the aid of the mouse.

When you depress the left mouse button to set the points, the point adheres to the mouse. So you can then position the points more exactly. 

Select whether copies or ending points are to be positioned. Set the number of copies and determine whether the objects should retain their orientation/alignment or should be rotated after being inserted. 


• Objects of different types( furniture, element, luminaire etc.) can be merged into groups

• Each object in the group can be edited individually.

• One single object can be part of several different groups.


DIALux evo includes many options for aligning and distributing selected objects. This function is only activated when more than one object has been selected.