Drawing dimensioning lines

In order to enter the dimensions of your project into the drawing, you can draw dimensioning lines and adapt these as required. Position the starting and ending points with the help of the manipulator. You can then change the type and appearance of the dimensions under the format function.


With the labelling tool you can enter texts into your projects. After you have defined the text and the position, you can still change colour, alignment, emphasis and font size.

Help lines

Working with help lines

Help lines are freely positionable objects on which objects (luminaires, furniture, calculation objects, points of the room, points of extrusion bodies or points of calculation surfaces) can be positioned and then aligned. A help line is generated by simply clicking on a starting point and clicking again to create an ending point. 

In DIALux evo the following types of help lines are available:

• Drawing a simple straight help line
• Drawing a circular help line
• Drawing a polygonal help line
• Drawing a winding help line
• Drawing a help line grid