There are nine roof types to choose from, which you can automatically place on the building you have created:

  • Butterfly roof

  • Double-pitch roof

  • Flat roof

  • Gambrel roof

  • Half-hip roof

  • Hip roof

  • Mansard roof

  • Pyramid roof

  • Single-pitch roof

After the roofs have been inserted, you have different setting options for the different roofs in order to be able to make changes to the roof construction.

Using the "Positioning" function, you also have the option of positioning and rotating the roofs. 

Automatically place roof

The automatic placement function adjusts the roof to the floor contour.

Draw roof

You can also draw each of the roof types yourself. All you have to do is define the outer contours of the roof. Any slopes are then calculated automatically. Dimensions and slopes can then be changed manually.

Once you have drawn the flat roof, you can edit it further by right-clicking to open the context menu and selecting "Edit polygon". Then you can add another point by right-clicking again.