Drawing room elements

There are different options for drawing elements:

• Drawing a rectangular room element

• Drawing a circular room element

• Drawing a polygonal room element

It is not possible to use each function for drawing an element for each type of room element. For ramps and flat ceiling only the function "Rectangular room element" is available. For rectangular pillars the function "Drawing polygonal room element" is also available whereas round pillars can only be drawn by using the function "Drawing a circular room element". For steps, however, all three functions are available.

Pre-generated room elements

The ramp element is a pre-generated element which you can insert and edit. Width, length and height are adjustable which results in the inclined plane. You can however enter these directly which results in the height of the room element.

The rectangular pillar is automatically adjusted to the height of the room when inserted. You can change the dimensions as desired.

The round pillar consists of at least 5 elements. The more elements used, the rounder is the effect of the pillar. When inserted this is also adjusted to the height of the room.

The room element 'flat ceiling' is inserted onto the ceiling of the room in the form of an oblong solid with the standard dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 meter and can de adapted as desired.