If you want to change an automatically created space within a room or set up several spaces with different illuminance requirements, you can do this in the "Spaces" tool.

Here you have the option of drawing a rectangular, circular or polygonal space. You can also subsequently exclude a subspace.

Active space

Here you can assign a unique name to the selected space and, if necessary, create an additional description.


Here you can select both the height of the space and the active usage profile from a large selection of templates.

If you have selected a usage profile, you can change the type of usage, the setpoints for illuminance, times of use and maintenance values for this active usage profile.

Working plane

Here you can first select whether you want to create a working plane for this space or not.

If you have decided to create a working plane, you can determine both the height of the working plane and the width of the wall zone.


Here the customer can choose between a fixed maintenance factor or a standardized maintenance method with a fixed inspection interval and selection of the ambient condition.