Positioning and drawing building apertures

With the aid of "active positioning of building aperture" you can insert the building aperture where the cursor is positioned with the dimensions listed under properties.

With the function "Draw new building aperture" you can define the width of the building itself by defining the "Start" and "End" of the building aperture with a mouse click.

Adapting the building aperture to the thickness of the wall

With this function you adapt the depth of the door to variations in wall thickness. You do not have to replace the door with a new one but simply adapt the door already used to your project.

Exchanging selected / all building apertures of one type

With this function you can exchange one or several building apertures in one step.You select the building apertures you wish to exchange and then select "Exchange selected/all building apertures of this type".

If you wish to exchange only one building aperture among many in the project, then select "Exchange selected building apertures".

If, however, you wish to exchange every single one of these building apertures which appear in the project, select

"Exchange all building apertures of the same type".

Then a window will open in which you can select the new building aperture.

After selecting the new building aperture, this will be inserted automatically into your building.

Door / Window /Skylight Properties
Here you can change the dimensions of the building aperture. The width of the frame and the sill height of windows
can also be changed and for multi-pane windows also the position and width of the uprights.