Drawing new indoor room contours

After completing the design of the building the tool for 'Designing floors and buildings' opens automatically. Here you can draw indoor room contours, among other things. With the help of the scales displayed on the left and right side of the screen you can define the individual thickness of the walls.

The accuracy of the scale can be set by zooming in and out. You can create new room contours by setting any number of points which you can end by clicking on the 'Close' button or via the context menu 'Close polygon'.

Draw new building contour

Please read the article "How to construct a room in an already existing room?".

New empty storey

You can set the building contours yourself for a new empty storey. That means the storey can be drawn

larger than the one below it.

While you set the individual points of the contour yourself with a right mouse click and confirming the option 'Close polygon' you can complete the contours.

Duplicate storey

This function enables you to duplicate a floor level which is already completed by marking it.

You define yourself which objects you wish to be duplicated.

By removing the tick you automatically remove objects which you do not wish to transfer.