With the result tool you can check the values determined by the calculation. You can use a traffic light system to get an overview of the results, set individual calculation areas on and off, select spaces for output, and display isolines and false colors on individual surfaces.

Open result tool

The result of tool can be found right above the CAD window. To hide it in each case with a click on and off. You can open the result tool in each mode and check the values at any time.

Result filter

The result Tool automatically displays all calculation surfaces that are available in your particular CAD view. That means you see e.g. all calculation surfaces of a room, if there is a single room visible in the CAD and all calculation areas of a storey if you are in the storey view. That can be a lot of calculation areas with larger projects. Therefore, you can hide them separately in the CAD with the eye - icon. A selection in the result tool automatically displayes the corresponding area in the CAD, regardless of its selected view state.

Isolines and false colors

For each selected area, regardless of whether virtual calculation surface or real surface in the room, you can show or hide isolines or false colors. Select the object and press the desired action. Calculation surfaces are automatically listed in the results tool. With the action “select area” you can select real space surfaces directly in the CAD. These selected surfaces are also available in the outputs.
For areas with more than one type of result, for example, illuminance and luminance, you need to decide which of the two results you want to graph by selecting the corresponding result type. With the action “remove diagram” you turn the illustration off.

Traffic lights system
For large projects, it is difficult to get an overview of the calculated results. Here helps the traffic light system. At most calculation objects you will find a small icon in the colors red or green. The target values you set in the profiles in the assesment zones tool. Calculation surfaces without given target value have not such an icon. If necessary, the lights can be turned off. For this, go to “settings” to select “show evaluation”.
If you need more information about a result, you can display details with the small arrows in the result tool to the
relevant area and their results.