In the course of your planning you acquire an overview of how high the current energy consumption of your installation is or how much energy can be saved. To do this select the option "Display energy tachometer" in [Light-> Properties tachometer] or select the appropriate option in display options. In addition you can set whether the LENI (kWh/a/m2) value, the energy consumption (kWh/a) or the costs should be displayed in the tachometer. In all displays it is possible to set a limit which then becomes a limit value in the tachometer. For the costs you can also select a currency. In the energy tool all three values are displayed next to each other. In the energy tool an energy sensor can also be inserted which takes into account energy saving according to EN 15193. Indicate whether
constant lighting control is available and what kind of presence sensors are used. The energy tacho itself can be seen below the CAD window until it is deactivated by the user. The tachometer can either take into account the whole project("Whole") or only the current scene visible in the CAD window ("Current scene"). In this way it is possible to evaluate and plan single rooms or floor levels. The tachometer also displays the spectrum of possible energy saving through daylight which is why the display shows a minimal value for maximum saving through daylight and a maximum value without saving through daylight. Calculation is in accordance with EN 15193.
Data for the period of use of light are gathered from the user profile which you can set for each area. The geographical and geometrical information is gathered from the project itself.
Remember to indicate latitude and longitude in the site tool. This information is necessary for calculation according to EN 15193.