Via the menu (file), as in other familiar Windows applications, you can load new projects and close and save existing ones. 

In addition you can use diverse import/export interfaces. We offer the import of STF files, DIALUx 4 indoor projects, luminaire data in standard formats, daylighting system files, 3DS files and photo files. 

In this sub-menu, as an export medium, we support drawings such as DWG and DXF. 

Please note that in the installed 64-bit evo version it is not possible to import DIALux 4 indoor projects. This function is at present only available in the 32-bit evo version.
In the sub-menu you find all general settings options to adjust the evo interface.(graphics mode, language, archive location, font etc.). The norm control centre for configuring norms and profiles can also be called up from here.

The menu [edit] supports you during the planning process with standard commands to go back several steps or to restore information. Of course it is also possible to cut, insert or delete objects ( furniture, luminaires). The menu
also includes an item to cancel the selection.

If you select luminaires or furniture in the menu [insert], you will be guided automatically to the appropriate tool. This function is however only available when you have already started planning.

The menu [view] enables you to open new tabs in a further viewing list directly via the CAD window. This procedure is especially helpful when you have to switch between many different views. Of course here you can also close individual tabs or all. If the CAD view is not completely visible, you can display the whole scene by calling up the appropriate menu item. You can also access the documentation mode in the view menu.

In the menu [?] helpful information with direct forwarding to the corresponding pages is hidden. Here you will find fast and reliable support for your planning. From this menu you can also access the DIAL website, the newsletter registration and the user forum.

You will find the version number installed in the lower menu item [Info about DIALux evo].