DIAL data security guidelines 

Protecting your data For DIAL open, frank communication with our customers is important. We would like to inform  you which data we collect and how these are treated..  DIALux feedback After installing DIALux you are asked to indicate your field of activity. In addition you can activate a monthly check for new versions. The following data  are transmitted: 

  • Your  selection of field of operation
  • A random ID from which no conclusions can be drawn about you as a person
  • The DIALux version and plugIns which have been installed 
  • A list of the hardware used, which means which processor, the size of the main memory available and which graphics card you use. 
  • A list of the operating system components used, that means which version of Windows, which version of the Internet Explorer and which version of MDAC and Jet driver you use. 

No personal data are transmitted. The ID which is created and transmitted is used only to determine how many users take advantage of the possibility of  regular updates. This ID allows us to identify whether you are a new or a previous user. Why do we need these data? All the information we collect is used EXCLUSIVELY to enable DIALux to be adapted more exactly to your requirements and your technical equipment, in fact to make DIALux better for you. Since we cannot talk to all of you individually – you, as users of DIALux,  are spread all over the world  – and since the number of users has meanwhile acquired huge proportions, we now evaluate the information automatically.