By workspaces DIALux evo means a programme setting which supports the designer in his current tasks with an

adapted user interface.. DIALux offers the following workspaces:

  • Outdoor planning and design of open spaces. You use the same workspace if you begin with a DWG/DXF import or with an empty rectangular space.
  • Street Scheme Editor 
  • and simple design of indoor spaces

When you begin your work, you select workspace on the start screen. Later you can change between the individual workspaces within a project. To do this you use the combo box in the top right-hand corner


In DIALux, "mode" refers to the individual work steps within a workspace, e.g. design, light planning, calculation, documentation. You will find the mode options above the CAD window.


Each mode provides different tools for the individual activities within one work step. The tools are always on the left of the display screen.


Each tool fulfils different tasks. For this you use the activities. The activities are on the right next to the tool. Settings, name and value are below the tools.