Via [File -> Settings -> Norms] open the "Norm control centre" mode. Here you can make individual settings related to the topic of norms.

Default settings

Here you select from different settings. With the button "Generate copy of template selected" you generate a new template which you can edit. The templates supplied by DIALux cannot be edited. You can make the following settings:

  • Illuminance ratio according to LG7
  • Provision for reflection on the ceiling with emergency lighting according to LG12
  • Ratio of distance to height, SHR
  • Maintenance value according to EN 12464 or blanket value

In the profiles we have assembled general default settings, recommendations and benchmarks for individual areas. When you select a profile in these areas or in a room, DIALux reverts to these values. Via "Generate a copy of the profile selected" you can generate or change your own profiles.
The profile supplied by DIALux cannot be changed.