Via the menu [File -> Settings -> General settings] open the mode "Settings".

General information

Here you can define how often DIALux evo should remind you to store your project and the maximum number of working steps that can be cancelled.

Language settings

After installation DIALux evo operates in the language of your operating system. Under "Language settings" you can change the language of the interface and the output and also switch from metric to imperial dimensions. Here it is also possible to set the display of the photometric units displayed in the European system or the imperial system.


Here you can specify how many decimal places to be displayed on dimension lines.

Project settings

Here you enter the project folder in which your projects are normally stored

Other saving locations

Furniture and materials can also be stored on your hard disc. Here you can set the respective storage location. Only in extreme cases is it necessary to change the storage location.

Output settings
If desired a footer text of your own and a personal logo in the header can be displayed in the printed output. Adjust the settings here as required.