If the "Open File" dialog crashes during the selection of a project or a DWG, you can use the suggested solutions below.

The crash is probably caused by the "Dell Backup and Recovery" software version 1.8. On Alienware PCs, the "Dell Backup and Recovery" software is referred to as "Alien Respawn", but it causes the same problem.

We can offer you two possible solutions:

  1. Update the "Dell Backup and Recovery" software to version 1.9: http://www.dell.com/support/home/de/de/dedhs1/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=GX7TX
  2. Uninstall the Dell Backup and Recovery utilities completely from your computer system.

If neither of these solutions is successful, please download the Microsoft Autoruns for Windows v13.7 tool and send us the log file for analysis. The tool can be downloaded from the following link: