After importing a DWG file or after inserting objects into a project, you may simply not see the drawing after zooming in.

By default, CAD sets the view so that the entire project is visible. If you now load a DWG file (e.g. in the scale "kilometre"), insert two objects several kilometres apart and scale the DWG file to centimetres, the DWG is so small that it is no longer visible. The scale refers exclusively to the DWG. The geometry in the project is not scaled above it.

During the import you have no influence on the scaling of a DWG.

However, after the import you can adjust the scaling and positioning of the active DWG in our evo software and select a suitable unit of measurement.

You can also determine or change the exact position of the drawing yourself by entering the desired data under "Positioning".

In addition, you can also rotate the drawing there by entering the desired angle under "Rotation".