You can import a 3D DWG file in our evo software, but we use DWG/DXF files for floor plans to create a building in evo. These files will display as wireframe in evo.

We also support 3D models as .3ds or .sat (ACIS) files. These files are solids in evo.

If you would like to use all features of evo (snap of luminaires to the correct mounting position, calculation of daylight, documentation per floor/room, ...) you have to create the building in evo like it is done in the following tutorials. A 3D DWG model has only a very limited set of information (geometry), but all additional information are missing (size and geometry of a single room, position of windows/doors/skylights, ceilings, floors, ...).

Please watch the following both tutorials on our YouTube channel to see how you should construct a building with the help of a DWG drawing in evo:

=> Tutorial for beginners

=> CAD import