Unit of measure : candela per m² (cd/m²)

Luminance is a basic parameter of radiating or reflected light as perceived by the human eye. It is a measure of the impression of brightness of a surface and is defined photometrically as the ratio of luminous intensity to unit area.

Luminance is determined by surface illuminance, the reflectance of the luminous surface, and the direction of the reflected light. The angle of vision determines the size of the visible luminous area.

The distribution of luminance between various surfaces in an illuminated interior is an important criterion for the quality of the visual experience. A balanced and harmonious distribution of brightness makes a room pleasant and visually interesting (cf. Brightness, Contrast, Uniformity).

Typical examples of luminance:



Sonne je nach Sonnenstand

600.000 ... 1.600.000.000

Glühlampe matt

20.000 ... 50.000


9.000 ... 25.000


4.000 ... 17.000

Arbeitsgut im Büro

100 ... 200


20 ... 200

Umfeld im Büroraum

10 ... 100