From our evo version 7.1 a "silent" installation is now possible, because we are no longer using a combined setup.

Please read the following article of our DIALux evo knowledge base regarding this issue:

Our DIALux evo software can now installed and uninstalled "silent". If an older version of evo is already installed, this version would be automatically uninstalled before the new version of evo is installed.

Currently the DIAL Data Dispatcher (DDD) can not be uninstalled "silent". This is relatively uncritical, because it is only a very small file and have only few registry entries.


Start Windows command prompt as admin!

Installation: <Setup.exe> / s: <configfile> (Example: evo7.1setup.exe /s:c:\silentsetup.ini) => Download example file

Parameters in the configuration file: Installation path, name of the start menu folder, option if the setup is run without restart (0 => restart during the setup, 1 => no restart)

We recommend that you run the setup without restarting during the setup and, if necessary, to restart the system after the setup. Restart during setup can be problematic.

Further information: